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Raw Feeding

Why should you feed RAW?

If you have a dog with:

  •  A sensitive stomach or digestive issues
  • Food allergies/intolerances
  • Anal glad issues
  • Skin or coat problems
  • Hyperactivity
  • Tartar or bad breath
  • Fussy eater
  • Yeast build up

Just to name a few then we can offer help and advice on where to start, along with continued support along the way, we have been raw feeding for over 10 years and would never look back!

The WAGS Guide to raw feeding

WAGS offer a range of raw dog food that is human grade and therefore should be treated the same as the meat you buy from the supermarket. 
Our brands are Nutriment, Naturaw + Benyfit Natural (including natural treats). 
The food is packaged and frozen to sub -20 degrees celsius so bacteria is killed off.
Due to freezing there are absolutely no added preservatives, colours, flavours etc so it is guaranteed to be the freshest and most natural food for your dog.
To defrost the food either defrost in the fridge (this could take 24 hours plus) or leave out for a few hours at room temperature.
Once defrosted the food should be stored in the fridge and consumed within 3 days. (there is nothing stopping you from part de frosting if you have a small dog so the food stays at its optimum freshness)
The only thing stopping this food from being suitable for human consumption is that it has bone content in it!
If you have any worries about contamination place tubs of food in a seal able plastic container or lock tight freezer bag. As well as following a usual good hygiene routine.
Have a look at the manufacturers' websites for more details... – fantastic info for new raw feeders – for natural treats – supplements

What you need to know about raw feeding

Why should I raw feed my dog?

RAW feeding offers your dog variety and will promote overall health and longevity! Raw feeding offers a species appropriate diet and is the most natural way to feed your dog as you know exactly what is going in to their meals.

Can I mix raw with other food?

When introducing raw you should not mix it with any other food, it is not recommended that raw and processed food is fed together at any time and you can start feeding raw straight away, there is no introduction period. Just leave a 12 hour break from when the last meal was fed. (as long as the dog doesn't have any digestive issues such as pancreatitis, please ask us about this as introducing RAW may need to be gradual in this case)

What changes will I notice?

You should start to notice some positive changes to your dog almost straight way, such as reduction of bloating and there will be a reduction in gas, also the poo will be firmer, the dog will get used to this and is completely normal. Remember it can take as many as 12 weeks for the old food stuff to leave the body so if you are waiting to see benefits of raw feeding regarding itching or yeast be patient!

What supplements do you recommend?

Supplements can help with certain problems such as joint pain, heart problems, kidney issues, WAGS stock Proflax supplements which have benefits for all dogs not just those with specific problems. Golden Paste (Turmeric) is also stocked at WAGS.

What's in processed dog food?

If your dog is eating anything other than raw check out what's in his/her food and treats at You may be surprised!

Can I still use processed food?

When feeding a raw diet it is important to keep all food intake as 'natural' and 'healthy' as possible and don't give processed food often ie shop bought treats that may contain grains/cereals/sugars and unidentifiable food stuffs (Meat and Animal Derivatives / Derivatives of Vegetable Origin)

Why does my dog seem more hungry?

You may find your dog seems to be more hungry when first making the switch, this is perfectly normal as the gut has to get used to a smaller portion, (raw doesn't swell in the stomach like kibble/biscuits) this should subside within a few days. Don't be tempted to over feed and remember you dog should enjoy this food so they will naturally want more!

What will give my dog a boost?

Apple cider vinegar 'with mother' is an excellent additional supplement you can give. It will give your dog an additional boost and help to combat yeast build up. It is excellent for promoting good gut health. You can mix in with the raw food or add to fresh water daily. A teaspoon is about enough for a 10kg dog so add more as required for bigger dogs.

Why is my dog drinking less water?

Dogs on raw diets generally drink less water, this is perfectly normal as raw has a high moisture content but fresh clean water should be available at all times.

Fruit & Veg

Our DIY range of food is excellent for those who want single source proteins and like to add their own fruit and veg or for starting an elimination diet.
Here's our list of fruits and vegetables that you can safely add to your dog's diet as a snack or as part of their main meals. This makes the diet more varied and interesting if you have a fussy eater and is super nutritious as well!

What can my dog eat?

  • Apples – YES (But No Seeds)
  • Bananas – YES
  • Bell Peppers – YES (But Limit Consumption)
  • Blackberries – YES
  • Blueberries – YES
  • Broccoli – YES (But Limit Consumption)
  • Brussel Sprouts – YES
  • Cantaloupe – YES
  • Carrots – YES
  • Celery – YES
  • Cranberries – YES
  • Cucumbers – YES
  • Green Beans – YES
  • Lettuce – YES
  • Mango – YES (But No Pits)
  • Nectarines – YES (But No Pits)
  • Oranges – YES
  • Peaches – YES (But No Pits)
  • Pears – YES
  • Peas – YES
  • Pineapple YES
  • Raspberries – YES (But Limit Consumption)
  • Strawberries – YES
  • Spinach – YES (But Limit Consumption)
  • Sweet Potatoes – YES
  • Watermelon – YES (But No Seeds or Rind)
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