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Animal Health Cleaning Kit Bundle

The cleaning kit bundle has proved very popular with our customers.

The kit contains

250ml Odorkill - banish those smells indoors and outdoors.  Pet safe.

1lt SupaClean -  a very concentrated steriliser for use on anywhere, food bowls, floors, patios even your caravan.

1lt Parvo-Virucide - a powerful disinfectant to help kill organisms  causing viruses, bacteria and fungi.

1 lt Pet Bed Wash - effective at even low temperatures the ideal detergent for your dog coats, towels, dog toys and beds.

150ml Scoopy-Doo - A carpet safe foam to assist with cleaning up of faeces, Perfect for cleaning up after pet accidents, helping to reduce bacteria left behind.

Suitable for

Age:  Whelping & Puppy Care to Senior
Hygiene:  Disinfectant, Odour Remover, Laundry Detergent, Steriliser, Equipment


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