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Dog Overall - Mint Coat

Dog breeds with little undercoat, those that spend all their time in the house, and older, more fragile dogs can all be particularly sensitive to the cold and the damp. This Dog Overall Mint can help to protect your dog all-round from rain, damp and cold, as well as from mud. It also offers the advantage that every long muddy walk no longer has to be followed by a gruelling bathing process! This comfortable suit has a zip closure and offers high comfort, with the width being adjustable to fit each individual dog. The Dog Overall Mint will not make your dog feel restricted, but simply allow it to enjoy walking or outdoor activities uninterrupted by wind or poor weather.

The breathable material of the Dog Overall Mint allows the necessary flow of air through to your dog’s body and helps to regulate moisture. The cuddly fleece filling also keeps your dog cosy and warm. The sturdy leg cuffs are pleasantly soft and comfortable. The loose cut and drawstring with stopper around the neck and stomach mean that the Dog Overall Mint can be adapted to perfectly fit your dog’s body shape. It is guaranteed to offer comfort and protects your dog’s legs and body reliably from wet, cold and dirt. Reflective stripes running along either side of the body add an extra level of safety, making it ideal for night-time walks. These functional overalls ensure that your dog can go for a long, enjoyable walk even during foul weather and that you can both stay in a good mood! The Dog Overall Mint can also be easily washed at 30°C in the washing machine.


Size Guide

Sizing chart:

Back length (A)
(zip length)
Neck circumference (B)
(adjustable through drawstring)
Chest circumference (C) Leg lengths (D1 / D2) (from middle of back)
front / hind
Total length (E)
30cm approx. 20 - 32cm approx. 50cm approx. 26.5 / 24.5cm approx. 42cm
35cm approx. 22 - 34cm approx. 59cm approx. 32 / 30cm approx. 50cm
40cm approx. 24 - 36cm approx. 68cm approx. 35.5 / 35cm approx. 58cm
45cm approx. 28 - 44cm approx. 73cm approx. 40.5 / 37.5cm approx. 65cm
50cm approx. 30 - 50cm approx. 84cm approx. 47.5 / 44.5cm approx. 70cm
55cm approx. 32 - 51cm approx. 88cm approx. 50 / 46.5cm approx. 80cm
60cm approx. 34 - 55cm approx. 90cm approx. 52 / 49.5cm approx. 83cm
70cm approx. 38 - 60cm approx. 98cm approx. 59 / 56.5cm approx. 95cm

(A) Measure back length from the lowest point on the base of the neck to the tail head.
(B) Measure neck circumference at the lowest point on the base of the neck.
(C) Measure chest circumference immediately behind your dog's front legs.
(D1/D2) Measure leg length straight down from the middle of the back to the paws.
(E) Measure total length from the front chest to the end of your dog's body.

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