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emmi®-pet ultrasonic tick repellent collar

emmi®-pet ultrasonic tick repellent collar

Ultrasonic protection without chemicals - The most effective and safest way to protect your pet from ticks!!!

In order to protect effectively your lovely pet from ticks, we have a simple solution for you: the emmi®-pet ultrasonic tick repellent collar. Simply fixed around the neck, the ultrasonic collar serves as well as a repellent, but also as prophylaxis, which prevents infestation from annoying insects.

100% Ultrasound technology for your pet protection

emmi®-pet ultrasonic ticks repellent collar is completely non-toxic, absolutely chemical or odorous substances free and therefore it is neither harmful for animals or for humans. The device uses modern ultrasound technology and continuously emits ultrasonic waves. The ultrasonic pulses are in the 40 kilohertz range. Ticks "hear" these waves within a radius of about 1.5 meters and are extremely annoying to ticks, so that they stay away or are expelled from the animal.

The emmi®-pet ultrasonic ticks repellent collar can be attached to all common collars, with a maximum width of 2 cm and a maximum thickness of 3 mm


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