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K9 Competition Paw`n´Nose Balm 50ml

K9 Competition Paw`n´Nose Balm is a natural revitalising balm for dry cracked paws and noses.
K9 Competition Paw`n´Nose Balm can be used in the salon or at home to soothe and protect the noses and paws of dogs with particularly dry noses or paws and can be used to moisturise areas of irritated or dry skin. The built in dispenser allows the product to be used economically.  Lavender scented, smudge and petroleum-free.
- Revitilising
- Moisturising
- Soothes and protects
- Can be used on noses, paws and areas of dry skin
- Built in economical dispenser


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Product Analysis

INCI: Aqua, shea butter,  propylene glycol, lanolin acetate, cetearyl alcohol, D-panthenol (vitamin B5), Hydrolyzed keratin, D-biotin, Lavandula Angustifolia, Kunzea Ambigua Branch Leaf/Twig Oil, preservative.

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