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Tripe & Heart with Duck 80.10.10 Naturaw

A coarse mince of Beef tripe, British beef heart, duck with bone and Organic beef liver, kidney & spleen. Compostable tub & sleeve.


Store in the freezer, defrost in fridge and use within 3 days (safe to defrost, portion & refreeze).


PLEASE NOTE: Frozen products are only available for Click & Collect customers or local delivery by arrangement.


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Feeding Guide

A balanced complementary food for dogs – Feed as is, we’ve done the hard part & mixed the correct 80/10/10 ratio of meat, bone & offal. A complete raw diet must be varied, so mix it up a little and feed as many different varieties as possible. Adult dogs – Feed 2-3% of ideal bodyweight daily. (eg. a 10kg dog will require 200-300g each day)
Pups – This food is suitable for all ages.


30% British Beef Tripe
30% British Beef Heart
30% Farm Assured British Duck Carcass
5% Organic British Beef Liver
5% Organic British Beef Kidney/Spleen

Product Analysis

Moisture 59.3, Protein 15.1, Fat 18.1, Fibre 2.3, Ash (inorganic matter) 3.4

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