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World Explorer Zebra

African Zebra Complete Adult Raw Working Dog Food

A specialist protein complete meaty meal for your very best friend, tantalisingly tasty and nutritionally balanced. Extend and excite your dog's taste buds with the delicious and exotic World Explorer range. Ethically sourced human-grade raw zebra meat from Africa is balanced with vegetables and botanicals.

Benyfit Natural raw dog food is packed full of incredible health benefits for your dog, including healthy skin and shiny coat, cleaner teeth and gums, improved digestion and strong bones. Benyfit Natural is the only food your dog needs!

Benyfit Natural African Zebra Adult Raw Working Dog Food is available in 500g tubs.

Best before 12 month from batch date on packaging. Once defrosted, refrigerate and use within 4 days. Complete working dog food. Not for human consumption.

PLEASE NOTE: Frozen products are only available for Click & Collect customers or local delivery by arrangement.


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Feeding Guide

Adult dogs should be fed 2-3% of their ideal body weight per day. Every working dog is different. Adjust portions accordingly. Wash your hands, utensils and surfaces after handling any raw meat.

Product Analysis

Moisture 72.1%, Crude Protein 15.3%, Crude Fat 8.48%, Crude Ash 1.9%, Crude Fibre 0.2%, Calcium 0.4%, Phosphorous 0.33%, kcal/ 100g 132.


30% Zebra, 20% Turkey, 10% Ox Heart, 10% Ox Kidney, 10% Ox Liver, 7% Broccoli, 6% Parsnip, 6% Carrot, Flaxseed Oil Kelp, Celery Seeds, Alfalfa, Nettles, Psyllium Husks, Clivers and Wild Yam.

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