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Beco Bags - 60 Strong Large Poop Bags for Dogs

Eco Friendly and Degradable with Anti-tear, Unscented

  • EXTRA THICK AND STRONG - Our Beco Dog Poop Bags are extra strong and extra thick making it easier to clean up after a mess.
  • DEGRADABLE PLASTIC - We use biodegradable poop bags that are eco-conscious and will break down after being disposed of.
  • TRAVEL PACK - This travel pack of 60 doggie bags is tightly wrapped into 4 rolls, the perfect amount to take on your adventures with your furry friend!
  • ANTI-TEAR AND UNSCENTED - These strong unscented dog bags are anti-tear so there will be NO extra accidents when picking up after your pet.
  • HEAVY DUTY BEAR SIZED - These are large poo bags to cater for any size and breed of dog, no matter how big the poop


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