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WAGS offer a dog walking service of either group walks which are mostly at the park and off lead or solo walks which would be 1-2-1 and either at a park or on the pavements locally to where you live, walks will be tailored to your dogs individual needs. We will collect the dog and return to your home, which means we may need to hold a key.

 Walks will of course offer physical exercise as well as mental stimulation and can offer a chance to socialise with other dogs and people.
 Regular exercise helps to keep a balanced state of mind and can help to reduce:
  • Hyperactivity
  • Anxiety
  • Aggression
Our most popular walks are group walks of up to six dogs walked together, currently priced at £12 for the hour. If you require a walk tailoring to your dog due to age (under 12 months or elderly) or due to a health condition we can discuss this with you and price will depend on individual needs.
 Matt will be happy to talk to you and discuss terms and conditions.
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