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No Cank 20gm

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Condition:  Eye & Ear Care, General Health & Wellbeing

It is very common for domestic animals to have dirty ears which can be recognised by intense scratching, shaking of the head, a strong offensive smell and an excessive wax build up. Use No Cank daily for a week to clean the ear and then use once a week to help keep the ear clean and to maintain good hygiene in the ears.

No Cank can be used after a mite infestation on the skin to ease scratching. Apply by sprinkling lightly on common areas where a mite infestation has occurred such as behind the ears, underside of the tail and also in the paws, between the claws.

Suggested use:- Apply a small pinch to the inner ear, avoiding the ear hole. Massage from the outside of the ear. Apply twice daily. Continue for 3-5 days. Discontinue when the wax begins to move. A pinch once a week will help to keep the ear clear of infection.


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