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Animal Health SupaClean

SupaClean - Pet Safe Disinfectant 

 SupaClean is a heavy-duty pet safe disinfectant that can be used to clean dog kennels, surfaces, utensils & more!

Disinfectant for Dogs, Cats & Other Pets

You can use SupaClean as a steriliser for washing down and cleaning all surfaces, including utensils, feeding/drinking bowls etc, however, it’s also a highly effective kennel disinfectant. It is safe to use around cats, dogs and other furry friends, so you won’t harm your pets health by using this product.

You can also use SupaClean around the home to keep your surfaces free from harmful bacteria. Our disinfectant is extremely versatile and can be used on patios, artificial grass, decking areas and more.

How to Use SupaClean

SupaClean is an extremely economical detergent. A light spraying with the product will make removal of heavy dirt deposits easy, with much less scrubbing and brushing.

Dilute with water at 1:100 up to 1:400 (10ml in 1 litre to 10ml in 4 litres) depending on degree of soiling. Spray over the area to be cleansed, leave to soak, rinse away.


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Key Benefits

Age:  Whelping & Puppy Care, Senior
Condition:  Anxiety & Behaviour
Hygiene:  Odour Remover


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